Monday, May 21, 2012

Hottest Christmas Toys for Preschoolers

Every Christmas season, hundreds of new toys hit the market and children bombard their parents with numerous requests for these exciting new toys. Understandably, many parents find themselves struggling with buying both the hottest Christmas toys that their children want while also finding preschool educational toys that their children need, all wrapped up into one package. Luckily for these parents, there is an abundance of educational, but fun and creative, toys available for their preschoolers this Christmas season.

One of the hottest Christmas toys this season is the Eco Rocket, by Ecotronic. This earth friendly, battery-less toy rocket is great for ages 3 and up, and is covered in bright lights and colors, and full of exciting and mind stimulating sounds. And the best part - the rocket is powered by the child! Just shake to activate, and then enjoy hours of non-stop fun, all for under £15. Another fantastic choice for preschool educational toys is the Melody mix, brought to us by a new, eco-focused company called I'M Toy. This musical toy allows children to play with multiple musical instruments - a xylophone, drums, tubular chimes, a triangle, a cymbal, bells, maracas, and a pair of rhythm sticks, just to name a few. This toy is sure to let the musical creativity flow as well as stimulate rhythm and hand-eye coordination.

If finding the hottest Christmas toys continues to be a struggle, there are still plenty of affordable, fun, and education choices out there that won't leave parents broke after the season is over. The game creators at LeapFrog have never disappointed before and this year is no different. At under £15, the Scout Scribble & Write is a budget friendly learning toy that teaches children how to draw simple shapes and pictures, then easily progresses them up to writing upper and lowercase letters. Also from LeapFrog is the Leapster2 Learning Game System, which again combines learning with fun, animated games that are sure to keep the attention of preschool children of all ages. Many games are available for purchase for the Leapster2 Learning Game System so you can be sure that your child won't quickly get bored or grow out of their new toy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

There are so many benefits of early childhood education that many parents are of the opinion that it should be made essential and not just an option. The beneficial abilities children develop and the existing ones they improve, these two attributes alone make the case for Early Childhood Education and its huge positive impact on a child.

In today's article, we will shed some light on the benefits of enrolling children in school early on. Parents considering early education or those unsure if their little ones are ready for school just yet will find this information very useful.

1. The Ability to Learn

Perhaps the single best ability a child develops and embraces in an early childhood education program is the ability to learn. The first small step towards education, prosperity and a overall successful life. All children are curious by nature and whatever they will react to whatever they see, hear and touch. This ability to learn and adapt must be carefully supervised early on in order to mold the child into a better person in the long run and make him a successful human being in society. Preschool Education is instrumental in putting a child on that path.

2. The Importance of Communication

Children will communicate by any means necessary. It is important for their voice to be heard. Preschool education will engage the child head on and improve his or her communication with the world. Children will learn how to express themselves properly and how to understand what is being told to me. This ability to communicate effectively helps them in their daily tasks and provides them with better understanding of the world they inhabit.

3. Emphasis on Teamwork

It is commonly understood that children are most comfortable with peers their age because in their own minds they see them are someone "equal" that they can interact with. The classrooms in preschools have numerous children of the same age group interacting with each other and performing tasks and engaging in learning and recreational activities. Preschool education teaches the child the importance of teamwork and how everyone in the group has to put in the effort to make it to the finish line.

4. Improved Health and Well Being

Children demand time and attention. Parents find it hard to make time for time due to work and other family duties. Early childhood education is essential in this regard as it gives children plenty of room to develop both mentally and physically. Preschool education puts great emphasis on the importance of sports and recreational activities. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind and early education programs strive to keep children in shape for their age and height and keep developing at a steady pace both mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Hopefully this will give parents a good idea of how beneficial preschool education and early childhood education can be for their children. They provide the building block for a child to grow in all aspects. All parents should take advantage of this.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Children and Parents Benefit From Preschool Education

Because preschool is an option, parents have to decide whether or not they want to enroll their child in it. Although it is ultimately up to the parents, there are a lot of good reasons to sign up your child for a preschool class.

Studies have shown that the earlier a child begins his or her formal education, the better off that student will perform in the future. In preschool, children are taught important principles such as focusing and taking directions. Skills like these that are learned at a young age can put a child at an advantage over other students in the future.

In addition to gaining important learning skills, preschool students also gain important social skills that can help them succeed in the future. Enrolling your child in a preschool in Orange County can help your child learn how to get along with and work with his or her peers. Children who are the only child in the family can especially benefit from this type of social interaction as they are encouraged to share their belongings and learn how other people do things.